Master in fine art, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 2017 – 2019

Bachelor in fine art, at Bergen academy of art 2014 – 2017

Fine Art, at Nordland Kunst- og Filmfagskole 2012 – 2014

Solo exhibitions

Alt som er fast smelter i luften, Galleri Toll, Stockholm 2019

Metallfeber, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm 2018

Rollo, at Galleri Snerk, Tromsø 2016

Plastic, Rust and Dust, at Galleri Fisk, Bergen 2016

Group exhibitions

Graduation show at KKH, Konstakademien, Stockholm 2019

Mejan to Helsinki, Kuva project room , Helsinki 2018

“New contemporary art museum”, Avgangsutstilling BA, Bergen 2017

By the way, at Munch Haus, Rostock 2015

Letters of intent, at galleri Kurant, Tromsø 2015

Not supported by Khib, occupation at Room 8, Bergen 2015

Latxt, at Galleri Bokboden, Bergen 2015

Avgangsutstilling NKFS at Sortboksen, Kabelvåg 2014

Competing with reality: at Lilandgården, Kabelvåg 2013

Den 67. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling, traveling exhibition 2013 

Other activities

Participating in the curation of Galleri Bokboden in 2016

Leader of the student council at NKFS from the fall 2013 to the spring 2014

A piece purchased by Nordland Fylkeskommune 2013